Bhentay Experimental

Bhentay is an experimental gothic serif typeface. The form is very flexible and far from the impression found in serif typography in general. Initially, this idea was sparked by several imaginary films. The impression is not natural or very rarely seen by the eye, or it takes a few seconds for the brain to digest the shape of this font. However, in terms of the pattern contained in this font, it still has clear legibility.

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About this font


Created by Sindu Artayasa under the auspices of –  2021.


Character  219
Style  Regular
OpenType  Featured
Multilanguage  62 Latin Languages
Size  105 KB
Format  OTF | TTF | WOFF | WOFF2 | EOT



OpenType features

In the form of alternating and ligatures that add to the exotic impression of this typeface. Compensating for the appearance of letters that seem mandatory in inserting OpenType features in various types of formatted fonts. These are specially designed, and it is our responsibility as creators to experiment with you as a user in using these features.


The multilingual

We provide Latin Character, which contains special marks at the top and or bottom of the font. To make it more accessible to those of you who use this typeface in more specific Latin in your project.


This font we deliberately dedicated to various needs.

However, apart from that, our team also had time to test this font for some special needs that we could think of. Including Headline needs, especially Movies or Movie Posters, Magazines, Creative Companies, Video Games, Mobile Games, Horrors, Thrillers, Documentaries needed, also used for print design, web fonts, branding, logotype, and your social media promotions.


About License:

Basically, our provisions are divided into two types, including:

Free fonts for personal use:

The free fonts that we provide can be tried without limit of use, for your personal projects in other words, that are not paid and charitable or non-profit activities of a group, group, or community (by including the font name and link address) as the authorized creator of font assets.

Commercial use license:

Choice of paid licenses for use in your commercial projects. A flexible license with several variations of packages. Specially, according to use and depending on needs. In other words, can be legally accounted for as proof of ownership of this font license after you make payment. Moreover, we will also include the license features on the receipt.

In conclusion, If you want a custom license that matches the value of your project. In addition, feel free to contact us via Contact Us. Or read more about the Commercial Licenses we have provided.



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A big thank you to the creators and thinkers of every aspect of this project that cannot be mentioned one by one.
Likewise, to believe in work or something that looks beautiful there must be many thinkers, and actors in it who directly or unintentionally become a source of inspiration for something.

Therefore, stay wise in using digital assets. In short, we have to imagine, the workpiece can be likened to a child who is born, shaped, and forged with love by the creator.
Thank you for your appreciation.


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